Play Kurt Weill

Play Kurt Weill album cover, April 1991

Track listing

  1. Prologue – 1:50
  2. Salomon Song – 4:12
  3. Mackie Messer – 4:12
  4. Speak Low – 5:10
  5. Alabama Song – 5:49
  6. Seeräuber Jenny – 5:49
  7. Ouverture – 2:48
  8. September Song – 2:43




Play Kurt Weill is a cover album, released by Swiss Industrial band The Young Gods. All songs appearing on the album are covers of German composer Kurt Weill. The band played the entire track list during the Kurt Weill tribute concert in Switzerland in September, 1989. The Young Gods Play Kurt Weill is the 3th studio album released on released on April 1991. on PIAS.

The Young gods are: Franz Muze, Üse Drums, Al Comet

Produced by Roli Mosimann
Recorded at Artag Studio Zürich
Engineered by Voco Fauxpax
Mastered by Howie Weinberg
Cover by TYG, Realisation by Rocky, live picture by “Image Totale”
English translation by James Neiss

Published by Universal Songs (unless otherwise stated)

℗ + © 1992 Play It Again Sam Records

Roli Mosimann

April 1991

Artag Studio



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