Play Terry Riley In C

Play Terry Riley In C album cover, September 2023



  • Release Date: 09.09.2022
  • Catalog No: TWOGTL 101
  • Format: vinyl (12’’ Gatefold with 2LP 180g & 1 CD + free digital files)

Vinyl variants:

  • Clear
  • Black

The Young Gods are publishing a new record with Two Gentlemen, ‘Play Terry Riley In C’. Needless to say this is a fertile meeting between two monuments who have helped shape the cutting-edge music of the last few decades. Terry Riley, born in 1935, is the cornerstone on which a considerable number of artists have relied to liberate their relationship to the process and methods of creation. In the same way, The Young Gods revolutionised, from the second half of the 1980s, their relationship with rock music by converting guitars into samplers. The dialogue between these two pioneers underpins a particularly fiery record.

Track listing


Side A

  1. Patterns 1 to 21

Side B

  1. Patterns 22 to 35

Side C

  1. Patterns 36 to 53

Side D

  1. Synthesizer version / Patterns 1 to 26


  1. In C: Part 1
  2. In C: Part 2
  3. In C: Part 3
  4. In C: Part 4
  5. In C: Part 5
  6. In C: Part 6
  7. IN C: Part 7
  8. IN C: Part 8
  9. IN C: Part 9


Two Gentlemen





September 9, 2023

Two Gentlemen